1) Enjoy being part of the Excalibur's family – get to know one another and encouraging one another with your creativity!
2) Follow all rules, regulations, policies, etc laid out by Bravo Fleet. You will need to join Bravo Fleet's Management System and assign your character to our game. Contact the Game Manager if you need help with this.
3) Try to post at least once every fourteen (14) days. If you are having difficulty with this please speak to the Game Manager (GM). If you do not post over a reasonable amount of time then the GM will consider you inactive and will deactivate your character and user access.
4) The sim is rated at +13, so keep it clean – whatever you create just think to yourself would it be seen on Star Trek: Discovery or Star Trek: Strange New Worlds?
5) Players will show respect and be courteous to one another.
6) The decision of the Game Manager (GM) will be final on any matters regarding the sim and its development, this includes appointments and promotions as well as storylines, etc.
7) The GM will appoint an Deputy Game Manager (DGM) who will deputise on their behalf when they are absent in running the storyline/plot developments. Major decisions, e.g.: accepting new players, changing missions, etc will be decided on by the GM, unless the GM has stated otherwise to the group.
8) Players are free to create a reasonable number of non-player characters up to one rank below their character’s rank.
9) If a player writes for a department head, then they may create an assistant department head as an NPC, but they must avoid doing this in other departments.
10) If you need to take a LOA, please inform the GM in advance.
11) In our game, we write our posts in the third person in the past tense.
12) Have fun!