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Lieutenant Commander Alexander Wishmore

Name Alexander Jacob Wishmore

Position Chief Security & Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 2in
Weight 95kgs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and broad shouldered, Alexander has worked hard to maintain the type of physical presence one might expect from a security officer. His body displays a litany of minor blemishes and marks from various injuries sustained over the course of the conflict with the Klingons - kept through personal choice - although he did have any major scars be removed during their treatment.

Often wearing a confident smile, he almost always remains clean shaven with his hair kept tidily short.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Arthur Wishmore
Mother Aalia Wishmore
Other Family Adm (ret) Matthew Wishmore - Great Grandfather
Fletcher Wishmore - Uncle
Amira Wishmore - Aunt
Lt. Poppy Wishmore, Comms Officer - USS Minneaplis - Cousin
Vivian Wishmore - Cousin
Isla Wishmore – Cousin

Personality & Traits

General Overview There was never any doubt in Alexander's mind that Starfleet would be his choice of career path. His gung-ho attitude and willingness to put himself into dangerous situations, despite creating great personal risk, has seen him thrive through his rise to the position of Chief Security and Tactical Officer aboard the Excalibur. His constant enthusiasm for the most part endears him toward his colleagues, providing energy where it is often most needed whilst his ability to appear almost fearless in the face of danger - a trait passed down to him through several generations - enables him to pull that little bit of extra effort from his team which has often proven to be the difference between failure and success in times of conflict.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Alex will give 100% at all times, he does not do half assed. He is all in on Starfleet and will willingly sacrifice for the cause.
+He can back up his talk. Accomplished in a variety of types of ground combat, he has excelled during starship combat as well, often managing to get a jump on their enemy tactically.
+Attention to detail. It is not often that something escapes his attention, lending to his ability as an investigator.
+Credited mostly to the regular opportunities to exercise the skills, Alexander Wishmore is a quite capable combat leader.

-He is very willing to throw himself into a dangerous situation if he things it will yield the right results, often before safer solutions are considered although this does apply to himself and rarely to others
-His belief in Starfleet is quite absolute, almost to unquestioning levels.
-Alex can be headstrong, if he believes he has found a solution to a problem he will pursue that end if given the chance to.
Ambitions Having fulfilled his childhood ambition of joining Starfleet, he is now focused largely on seeing just how far his career might take him although he is quite happy with his current position. He strives to be the epitome of what he believes a Starfleet Officer should be in his attempt to live up to those who came before him. His family means a lot to him and to be able to end his time among the stars having added to their growing legacy as defenders of the Federation is something that also means a lot to him.
Hobbies & Interests Alex is an extremely active type and enjoys partaking in a variety of sports including Football, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey - both ice and field, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu and taekwondo. Aside from sports, he has developed an appreciation for creating music having come into possession of an acoustic guitar. Although his ability in playing the old earth instrument is still growing, he does have a natural ability to sing and he is not shy about showing it off should the situation not be deemed inappropriate.

When time allows he does enjoy reading to learn rather than for entertainment although this isn't exclusive.

Early Life Born to a Starfleet starship captain mother Aalia Wishmore and linguist and comms officer father Arthur Wishmore, due to the nature of his parents' careers, any kind of stability was difficult to come by. As a combination of both this and his parents' desire not to have him grow up aboard various starfleet vessels and installations, a young Alexander found himself spending large amounts of time with his aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Despite the relative instability, his was not immune to the familial expectations that came with being a child of the Wishmore family. Never really the strongest student, he leaned toward the things he was more natural at. Academically rather mediocre, Alexander was something of a natural when it came to more physical persuites - more often than not those left in charge of his care would have to physicall drag him away from a varied assortment of sports facilities and attempt to force the young man to complete his schoolwork.

With Starfleet always on his radar and having spent many nights listening to his grandfather's stories, he couldn't pinpoint the moment where he had decided that it would be his number one choice of careers but he was barely into his teenage years when he began to understand the need for academic accomplishment. Through plenty of hard work, long nights and possibly a few words from some well-connected relatives, by the end of his secondary education he had been accepted into the Starfleet Academy.
Starfleet Career The Academy

Despite any reservations those close to him might have held regarding how well he might have done in such a high standard academic environment were quickly put to rest as Alex quickly showed that he was indeed where he was born to be. Quickly excelling with his time management, his ability to split his time almost perfectly between the hours he needed to keep up with his studies whilst not missing out on many - if any - social activities, something that quietly impressed many of his tutors and his closest friends.

As most do, he developed many strong friendships during his four years in San Francisco and whilst he wasn't always scoring in the top percentages of his class, he did show a natural affinity for battle tactics and starship warfare - a stark contrast to his familial predecessors who up until that point had almost exclusively served in medical and the sciences.

USS Montgomery (NCC-1429)

Assigned as a security officer aboard the Cardenas class Montgomery was very much a learning experience for the newly commissioned ensign. Live aboard an active duty starship was very different to what he had expected but along with a handful of his academy class, Alex quickly grew to enjoy the routine. Quickly learning the intricacies of the job under a strong senior staff, the entire crew of the Caradenas class vessel was a very close knit group that the young ensign veyr much enjoyed being a part of.

USS Excalibur (NCC-1664)

After a quick couple of years of good work aboard the Montgomery, Alex was rewarded with a promotion of rank and assignment to one of Starfleet's prides in the constitution class USS Excalibur where he would serve under the ship's standing chief security and tactical officer, Lieutenant Commander Jensen Bruce. Life aboard the Excalibur was very different to that aboard the Montgomery, the ship's schedule was far busier and far more varied as they visited all corner of Federation space.

The outbreak of war was jarring for all involved and there were few that it didn't affect or shape. It was on a mission to attempt to hold a planetry listening post that Alexander, now quickly becoming a quite capable officer in his own right experienced his. Their mission a bust, the surviving twelve members - including both Lt Cdr Bruce and his assistant chief - of what had started as six teams of five had taken refuge in the outpost's computer core with their enemies waiting for them through the relatively thin coomposite door. Accepting the hopelessness of their situation, Bruce and his second had attempted to negotiate to save their officers only to have been predictably struck down without a word.

Managing to get his own message to the Klingons through what little of their language he had absorbed, Alex made them an offer that it was hard for the warrior race to refuse. One honorable fight, should he win then he and his own would be allowed to return to their ship. Should he lose, the Klingons could do as they saw fit.

Instructing the remainder of the Security team to make their escape once the fight had begun, he had no real expectation of winning and as it had turned out, neither had the Klingons which had perhaps worked to his advantage as at the end of what felt like a lifetime of fighting he had managed to plunge his knife into the heart of his enemy. Through both the surprise of the Human's victory and the fact that the remaining Klingon contingent had been far smaller than the Excalibur security teams had realised, Wishmore had been quick enough on the draw to dispatch what remained of the Klingons and thus enabling he and his colleagues to return safely, the bodies of their own dead also in tow. Only Alexander knows precisely how many Klingons he'd had to defeat that day although the rumours vary wildly.

It had been what he'd wanted for such a long time but still he had been reluctant to accept the position of Chief of Security and Tactical operations, feeling that he had in some way profited from the loss of the people he'd considered good friends. That was war though and after eventually being talked around, it remains a position he fills with pride.

With the war drawing to an end, the Excalibur returned to home waters, enabling everyone to reconnect with friends and family. For Alex this meant an opportunity to spend some time with his parents - something he had done very little of for a very long time - and return the favour of recounting his own stories to his Grandfather.
Service Record 2244-2245 | Cadet - Freshman | Cadet First Year | Starfleet Academy
2245-2246 | Cadet - Sophomore | Cadet Second Year | Starfleet Academy
2246-2247 | Cadet - Junior | Cadet Third Year | Starfleet Academy
2247-2248 | Cadet - Senior | Cadet Fourth Year | Starfleet Academy
2248-2250 | Enisgn | Security/Tactical Officer | USS Montgomery (NCC-1429)
2250-2251 |Lieutenant (JG) | Security/Tactical Officer | USS Excalibur (NCC-1664)
2251-2256 | Lieutenant | Security/Tactical Officer | USS Excalibur (NCC-1664)
2256-Present | Lieutenant Commander | Chief Security/Tactical Officer | USS Excalibur (NCC-1664)