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Lieutenant Commander Marcus Kravchik

Name Marcus Kravchik

Position Chief Engineer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 185cm
Weight 75kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A tall thin man, Marcus doesn't pose much of a physical threat with his wiry build but possess an abundance of energy and nimbleness to him. Dark brown hair typical defies any attempt at taming unless copious amounts of effort is applied to the task at hand.


Spouse Lillian Nelson-Kravchik
Father Jorge Kravchik, PhD PolSci, University of Canterbury
Mother Heather Bennet-Kravchik, PhD Eng, Harvard University
Sister(s) Commander Francis Kravchik, USS Tirpitz, KIA 27/05/2257
Other Family Josephine Sudari - It's complicated

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marcus is a generally laid back individual, prefering to go with the flow most of the time, assuming his work allows him to. In that regard he is a stickler for ensuring that work done is of the finest quality and done correctly the first time in order to allow for task to be done once and not need repeating constantly.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Personable
+Innovative problem solver
-Does not handle criticisim well at all
-Easily distracted
-Prone to forgetting 'unimportant' things
Ambitions While Marcus wants to one day follow in the foot steps of an ancestor of his and head into the SCE, with goals of 'conquering that particular peak', currently he's content with his assignment aboard the Excalibur. He has made it known he'd like to undertake some self-devised modifications to the starship and see if he can improve on the designs of some of the Federation's finest minds, but with starships being so rare at the moment, he's put the idea on the back least until the fleet can afford to have a Constitution class starship laid up in dock if his plans go wrong.

Early Life Born in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, Marcus was the second child to Jorge and Heather Kravchik. It was in his formative years that Marcus took after his mother, with an intense desire to understand how machines worked or what it took to break items. While some parents would have chastised their child, Heather instead redirected Marcus, teaching him the scientific process and starting his education early in order to focus her son and more importantly save the electronics in the house from his curiosity.

Math and Physics were a focus from an early age for Marcus, but he never truly excelled in school outside of these fields, more of a midling student with fields of intense capability.

By the time Marcus was in secondary school he was already building devices of his own making, typically from discarded equipment he found by raiding a local recycling facility or visits to his mother's place of employment - the University of Canterbury.

It was also in secondary school were Marcus met Lillian and Josephine, two women who would end up being constant companions from then on. All three of them insist on a different origin story for their relationship, ranging over a three month period of their third year at secondary school.

High school gave way to tertiary education and on a throw away comment in their final year, Marcus was the one to implant into the group subconscious that joining Starfleet might be the thing to do. It would get them the education they wanted, a chance to play with some pretty amazing toys and a heck of an adventure to boot. And so in 2245 Marcus Kravchik joined Starfleet Academy in the Engineering track.
Starfleet Career Graduating from Starfleet Academy, Marcus found himself assigned initially to the USS Kea alongside his Academy companions. Marcus and Josephine had both been assigned to Engineering as per their field of study while Lillian had gone on to the study Biological Sciences and was now part of the ship's Science department.

USS Kea was a less then one year assignment as the ship was badly damaged in an ion storm ten months after they joined the crew and would spend the next six months in dock undergoing repairs and refits.

With this turn of events Marcus and Lillian were assigned to the USS Kitakami while Josephine was assigned to the USS Churchill, the first time the trio had been split up in any meaningful way since high school. It was during this assignment that Marcus and Lillian's relationship changed from inseparable friends to inseparable couple.

Kitakami's return to port after two years saw Josephine rejoin them. With two weeks of leave before their next assignments, they spent the entire time once more in each other's company. At first apprehensive about telling Josephine about developments over the last two years, he was shocked and relieved to find that Lillian had already been keeping Josephine appraised over subspace anyway and that she actually felt the same way in regards to the both of them.

Two weeks of leave turned into an application for six weeks as the trio spent the time soul searching, culminating in Marcus proposing to both women, with Lillian's insistence actually. Josephine's rejection wasn't that she didn't love Lillian and Marcus, just that she didn't want to be married, seeing the institution as quaint but that she'd always be there for them.

A further shock came with Lillian's resignation as Marcus accepted an assignment on the USS Canada, now as happily married man after a rather rushed ceremony on Archer IV where Lillian had accepted a teaching position and purchased a house.

Two years aboard the USS Canada were punctuated with a run with Nausicaan pirates in 2256. Coming to the aid of a convoy of andorian freighters, the USS Canada, a Walker class starship, was the first of three Starfleet ships to arrive, intercepting the under attack convoy fifteen minutes prior to any other Starfleet ships and forced into a four versus one fight. Within the first two minutes of fighting to protect the freighters, the USS Canada took a hit to the bridge resulting in both the CO and XO being killed and forcing the chief engineer to assume command. With losses in Engineering, this left Marcus in charge of the engine room aboard the Canada and tasked with keeping the wounded ship in fighting condition.

When the USS T'ren, Solomon and Jhamel arriving on site, they found the Canada the next best thing to a floating wreck and only a single Nausicaan raider still harassing the convoy. Marcus himself doesn't recall much as during the battle engineering was hit and it was by his order the ship's warp core was jettisoned shortly before a blow to the head landed him with a concussion.

Two months of recovery later, Marcus was assigned to the USS Excalibur as and Engineering officer and promoted to full Lieutenant.
Service Record 2248-2249 - Ensign | Engineering | USS Kea
2249-2251 - Lieutenant Junior Grade | Engineering | USS Kitakami
2251-2253 - Lieutenant Junior Grade | Engineering | USS Canada
2253-2256 - Lieutenant | Engineering | USS Excalibur
2256-2258 - Lieutenant Commander | Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Excalibur
2258- - Lieutenant Commander | Chief Engineer, USS Excalibur