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Lieutenant Commander Lucinda Fleming

Name Lucinda Anita Fleming

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 9st 3lbs
Hair Color Natural Copper
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Average height, Long, thick natural red (copper) hair, Pale skin, grey eyes.


Spouse Timothy Mark Fleming (Tim) (deceased)
Children None
Father Edward Hitchins
Mother Carolyn Hitchins (nee Phillips)
Brother(s) John Edward Hitchins
Sister(s) None
Other Family Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles/Cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lucy is a quietly spoken calm and gentle person, a realist,level headed, a good friend, kind and dependable. She will stick to a goal as long as she thinks theres a chance and will persevere when most would give up.
Strengths & Weaknesses She sometimes takes things too much to heart but is reluctant to let those who inflict hurt on her know exactly what they’ve done. She knows this is often the wrong line to take but it is her nature. She rarely chooses to be confrontational preferring to take a more calm line but when put to the test she will be very firm and resolute.
She has a habit of tapping out repetitive rhythm absently when her attention is engaged, has a dread of Arachnids and anything remotely similar.
In common with many through the ages is her love of chocolate. She finds it hard to resist in any form.
Ambitions Lucy plans to maintain the high standard her career demands.Her dreams of a happy family life now shattered are no longer a part of the future she sees.
Hobbies & Interests Lucy plays piano well and it is a pleasure she misses. Reading medical journals holds a great interest for her apart from being a necessity. She enjoys baking although results are mixed and some items are recycled on leaving the oven.

Early Life Lucy was born in Shropshire England on 29/4/2229, the only daughter of Edward and Carolyn Hitchins.
The family lived in an ancient Manor House near Onibury where the children enjoyed happy childhood days.
Her elder brother John is now CEO of a family company.

The family is 'well-heeled' but both Lucy and John were brought up to appreciate their circumstances and to realize many were not so fortunate.

At age 6, Lucy rescued a mouse from the jaws of death that belonged to one of the familys pet cats. Thinking to save it, Lucy drenched it in her mothers expensive perfume certain that something so lovely could only work wonders. It didn’t ofcourse but her mothers understanding and patient explanation that it was possible to learn how to help mice and people too, planted the seed in Lucys mind.

She and her brother attended a local school to the age of 11 when they transferred to St Kyneburgas Academy, a prestigious private school in Tenbury. Her father is the principal there.

She enjoyed her school days on the whole although not an outstanding pupil, she did well in her exams.
A broken left arm was the result of trying to scale a waterfall in a reckless endeavor to impress her brother and his friend.She slipped, and was lucky to only break her arm and receive deep lacerations to her neck, arm and legs.She suffered concussion and has a very faint scar behind her left ear as a result of this accident.

At a family celebration when she was 12, her Cousin Max (with whom she shared a mutual dislike) whispered in her ear that she had no chance of making medicine her career when he had heard her telling her Grandfather it was something she was interested in.
Overcoming the urge to push his head into the Raspberry Trifle on the table before them she informed him instead that he was mistaken in thinking her too dim and one day he would seek her out for medical advice.
Max had laughed, assuring her he would grow two heads first before wandering off leaving Lucy brimming tears of indignation. She caught her Grandfathers eye, saw him smile nod and raise the glass he held in a silent toast to her. Her sudden tear-filled smile marked the moment she knew what her career would be.
Max hasnt yet been to ask her for advice.

Shortly after her 18th birthday Lucy gained a place to study medicine at Starfleet Academy. She enjoyed her courses and knew from the outset her choice of career had been the right one.
In her first year she met Tim Fleming, one of a group who would remain friends even after they went their separate ways. When she was posted to a Hospital Ship to continue service/experience, they kept in touch and two years later she was able to join him on USS Reykjavik. They married the following year.
Two years later he and their friend Adrian Quinlan were involved in an accident that resulted in Tims death.

Starfleet Career With the outbreak of the Federation/ Klingon war and the loss of many lives, Lucy along with others, found herself promoted faster than might have been usual. She was ACMO aboard USS Tyr with the rank of Lieutenant during the war until the ship suffered great damage at which she was transferred to USS Excalibur and the position of CMO as a Lieutenant Commander.
Service Record April 2246.....Medical School SF Academy Cadet
April 2250.....Graduates. Ensign
May 2250….. Hospital Ship Cavell
July 2252…. USS Reykjavik Lieutenant JG
August 2253:.... Marries Lt jg Tim Fleming
March 2255... Tim dies in a shuttle accident at Arkas III
May 2256... Federation/Klingon War begins
July 2256...USS Tyr Promoted Lieutenant/ACMO
January 2257 Promoted Lieutenant Commander USS Excalibur...CMO.