Fair winds and Following Seas

Posted on Saturday October 10th, 2020 @ 10:18pm by Lieutenant Commander Alexander Wishmore

Chief Security Officer's Log, Stardate 1203.1 I think. The computer will correct if I'm wrong.

Excalibur is finally back among the stars and frankly, it feels wonderful. Don't get me wrong, the vacation time was great and very well deserved but I had started to miss the sound of the ship humming away in the background. I know a lot of people would think I was crazy to miss that over birdsong and nature but I did and it isn't the same whilst sitting in dock either.

I'm not sure where we are headed first but I'm sure the Captain will let us known in due course. We haven't lost too many to transfer which is nice and we've even gained a few which is nice, I haven't looked at the updated roster but I suspect we might have picked up some extra sciency types - a real sign we're getting back to roots.

It's an exciting time for us I guess. Without having to worry about running into the bad guys at every turn, we really are going to have an opportunity to do some cool things. Meet new people, discover new things - real starfleet stuff.

I know there are going to be people who will claim to miss the war - they are either liars or fools with short memories. Give me maintaining order over warfighting any day.

With all that said, I'm considering running some kind of self defence class. I think it would be fun and a good workout for anyone who might be interested in attending. I figure it's the kind of thing we should do now right? Better ourselves by learning new things? I'll see what the XO thinks.

I sent a message to Mom, just to let her know we're good here. She hasn't responded yet but I really only expected her to if there was something wrong so I'll take it as no news is good news.

Here's to our future mission then, may we experience smooth sailing where ever our destiny may take us. I think it's going to be fun finding out where ever that may be.