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The Next Morning

Posted on Thursday March 4th, 2021 @ 2:40am by Lieutenant Anthony Rogers & Ensign Cassie Perez

Mission: Hail To The Chief
Location: Rogers Quarters
Timeline: 1204.065

When Tony, Cassie was nowhere to be seen. He pulled on a pair of shorts and walked to the bathroom.

The door opened, and Cassie, already dressed looked at him. "I wanted to sneak out before you woke. I didn't know if it would be awkward for you if you found me still in your bed."

He leaned against the wall. "It wouldn't have been awkward...not the first time I had someone stay the night." He looked at her. "You don't have to leave."

"I have duty in 30 minutes, and I think, so do you." She walked over to him, kissed him on the mouth, a couple of times. "Last night was very good, but I have to run."

And with that, she was gone.

Tony finished getting dressed, left his quarters and walked to the officers lounge to get breakfast. He got his food and carried the tray to a table where crewman Kyle Baker, the relief navigator, was sitting.

"Hey Tony." Kyle looked up when Tony arrived at the table.

"How you doing, Kyle?" Tony responded.

"You know, same old stuff. Keeping up to date with my reports, while you get all the glory." Kyle smiled at him. "Speaking of Perez still stalking you?"

"Funny you should bring that up."

Kyle leaned forward. "What happened?"

"We arranged a date last night, in the lounge, for dinner and over what's been going on. Anyway, she asked to use the bathroom, I said "go ahead", and when she came out, she came out of the bathroom, just wearing her underwear."

"Oh my god, what happened then?"

"She spent the night, then in the morning, she left quickly."

"So she used you and then left? Were you that bad a lover?" Kyle started laughing.

"No reason to insult me, dude. She seemed to be enjoying everything."

Kyle stopped laughing. "Man, you got to talk to her. Not knowing why she left will drive you crazy."

Tony thought about what the man said. "'re right." He got up and left the lounge.



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