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The Captains' Table

Posted on Saturday February 27th, 2021 @ 5:07pm by Captain Aaron Harris

Mission: Hail To The Chief
Location: USS Excalibur NCC-1664
Timeline: Stardate: 1205.2

Sat in the briefing room of the Excalibur, Captain Harris had every other captain that was joining him for this mission. Six other captains in total sat around the circular table as Harris briefed them all on what was going to happen in their upcoming mission.

“Once we arrive at Valakis then it will be down to the fleet to secure the system.” Harris explained as he switched to the next slide in his interactive presentation that was being transmitted on the screens around the edge of the room along with those on the table before them. “As the president will be here on Excalibur for most of her stay, then I’m suggesting at least two other ships remain with us while the other four remain in patrol of the system.”

“Are we not going to upset the Valakians if we do this?” asked Captain Athyraon Ch'zehronof. Thryaon commanded the USS Canada. The muscular Andorian captain had been made captain of the Walker-class ship after its captain and first officer were killed during an attempt to rescue an Andorian convoy from Nausicaan pirates. Harris knew of Thryaon mainly from the stories shared by his own chief engineer. Marcus had last served on the Canada during the fateful mission that saw so many of the Canada’s crew killed.

Shaking his head to answer, Harris explained why not. “The Valakians-Menk government are happy for us to beef up security during the admittance ceremony. They don’t have many starships themselves.” He went on to the next part. “I also want those on the first patrol to launch a series of probes around the outer edge of the system.”

This time another voice spoke up, this one belonged to the Saurian skipper of the Montgomery. “An early warning system?” Captain Retge, who had a connection with Harris’ security chief, blinked a few times. His large reptilian eyes appeared to focus on the screen nearest to him first. Commanding the Cardenas-class ship, Retge had won several battles during the war with the Klingons.

“That’s the idea, yes.” Harris said. “My science officer has determined that forty-seven class one probes would be the minimum amount needed to place an effective net.”

“Are we expecting trouble?” Captain Zuvee asked as she pushed back her long braided purple hair before her ear. The Rigelian commanded the Engle-class USS Zhang Qian, again like Retge had gained a reputation for surviving numerous engagements in the war.

“Hopefully not, but it is a precautionary measure.” Harris stated and then tapped on the console before him to bring up the next slide. “Along with that measure I made a special request from Starfleet for us to bring three squadrons of tactical flyers with us.”

“I take it we’re not taking any chances then?” Captain Zeniqua Horton asked, looking up from her briefing notes. “Which ships are taking the flyers?”

Looking over to the African-American woman that commanded the Nimitz-class ship, the USS Amundsen, Captain Harris explained his plan further. “Between the Amundsen, Excalibur and the Montgomery, they will house our squadrons.” Harris looked around the room. The only person who had remained quiet was Captain T’Lauwa, the Vulcan commander of the USS Haadok, a Hoover-class ship. “T’Lauwa, you’ve remained awfully quiet during our briefing. Do you have anything to ask or say?”

The Vulcan woman raised her eyebrow, in a typical fashion that was common among her people. “Your plan is ambitious Captain Harris, however it appears quite lavish in the use of resources for such a mission.”

“You’ve got to be kidding, right?” Zuvee asked. The Rigellian was sat next to the Vulcan. “We are escorting our commander-in-chief, the head of state and government for the Federation to admit a new member to the Federation. Do not think we need to be a bit lavish with our approaches to ensure the success of this mission.”

“Perhaps,” T’Lauwa replied. “I believe the mission could still be accomplished with half of the ships involved and less tactical flyers being deployed. The Valakian system is deep within Federation territory. It is very unlikely that the Klingons would invade so deep.”

“During the war they almost attacked the Sol system, I’m pretty certain that what Captain Harris has proposed is a fair and reasonable response to achieve mission success.” Captain Horton stated. “We just need to support him and the president now.”

“Agreed.” Thryaon said. “Is there anything else you wish to discuss Aaron?”

Shaking his head and appreciating Thryaon closing the debate with T’Lauwa, Harris said no and then ended the briefing. As his counterparts all filed out he wondered just how easy this mission was going to be.


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