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A Reunion of Sorts

Posted on Sunday February 28th, 2021 @ 7:16pm by Lieutenant Commander Alexander Wishmore

Mission: Hail To The Chief
Location: Mess Hall, USS Excalibur

Secrets aboard starships don't last long, one's that involve five other starships evaporate almost instantly and so from practically the moment the task group had arrived together and long before any official briefings had taken place, Alex had been aware of why such a heavy display of power had been required.

It hadn't taken long for someone to let slip that what had been a rumour about the President's presence was true and whilst Alex had been glad to know early, both the confirmation of the rumour and the fact that it was confirmed had raised the blood pressure of Excalibur's security chief tenfold.

Sat alone in the mess hall as he nursed a cup of coffee, on the PADD on the table he had started to put together a plan of action to ensure the President of the Federation's continued good health including limiting access to the deck on which she was going to be residing and severely limiting access to communication systems across the small armada of assembled ships.

Alex had heard the lounge doors slide open but hadn’t really paid much attention to it until a voice familiar but not heard for what felt like an age broke the silence, “I knew you would be here. Always finding an excuse to slack off!”

Pushing the flicker of a smile that briefly fell across his lips, Wishmore stood and faced the Saurian man who had sought him out, stepping closer that there was only an inch or so between them and looking his guest eye to eye or as much as one could look a Saurian eye to eye, “I can’t believe they thought giving the likes of you a command was a good idea, even if it was that bucket.”

“You,” The Saurian snarled, “Would have gone nowhere if it wasn’t for everything we taught you!”

“It’s a wonder I got anywhere after having to put up with you!” Wishmore shot back before the pair broke down into laughter, smiles and a long embrace of comrades and friends separated by their respective duties, “Congratulations, Captain Retge”

“You haven’t done too badly for yourself either, Lieutenant Commander. Security chief on a constitution? They’ll find a chair for you next!”

Sitting back down and sliding the now empty cup of coffee away from him as the Montgomery’s captain sat opposite, Wishmore chuckled, “Unlikely,”

“I said the same,” Retge said, blinking his large black eyes as he did so, “I was sure it’d never sit in that chair and here we are.”

“Conducting the most important mission in Starfleet today,” Alex sighed, “Standards really have slipped!”

Another chorus of laughter between the two and the security chief leaned back in his chair. They’d all been fighting a war for such a long time that it had been a long time since Alex had really given any thought to finally catching up with friends beyond Excalibur but the unexpected visit felt good.

The pair fell into the casual conversation that old and good friends did naturally, managing to talk for an hour without saying a lot of anything. Reminiscing about times that in the moment they considered better, ones with less responsibility and without the burdening memories of a war fought.

“Before I forget,” The Saurian captain said with a wide smile as he drew a bottle from his pocket, passing it to Alex, “Now you can’t say I don’t ever give you anything!”

“Saurian Brady” WIshmore chuckled at the gift that was all too predictable but appreciated nonetheless, “Thank you.”

“Drink it once we’re done with this presidential business,” Retge said, standing, “We can’t afford a mistake on this, Alex. I’d like you you meet with my own security chief and discuss what we can do to limit any potential scope for errors.”

“Of course,” Alex responded, a little taken back by how quickly things reverted back to business, “Sir.”

“I’ll send her over. I believe you know her.” The captain shot what Alex would have considered a smirk if he thought Saurians were capable of such.

Nodding as Retge nodded, WIshmore reached for the PADD and set back about work - sure that whatever was going to transpire, they would all be in for an interesting time ahead.


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