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Should we get this show on the road

Posted on Friday March 12th, 2021 @ 5:38am by Lieutenant Commander Marcus Kravchik & Lieutenant Commander Alexander Wishmore & Lieutenant Anthony Rogers

Mission: Hail To The Chief
Location: USS Excalibur NCC-1664 - Bridge
Timeline: 1206.3


Marcus had been wondering around the bridge now for about fifteen minutes but had only recently settled himself down into the empty command seat, seeing as it was his bridge watch after all. Just with a ship in port there wasn't exactly a lot to do. There was keeping the ship steady, occasionally responding to Orbital Traffic Control and every so often perhaps ordering minor orbital adjustments to account for some civilian freighter or another.

But now it all had the added benefit of a gaggle of other starships in formation around the Excalibur, forming a bubble around the considerably more capable heavy cruiser.

"Fletcher, buddy, please tell me our guests are aboard ship now," Marcus finally asked out loud, breaking the silence.

A simple nod in affirmation and Marcus turned to his next target. "Mr Rogers, have we got a course plotted and confirmed with our roadies?" Marcus asked, waving his hand at the main viewer where the USS Amundsen had taken a point position nearly twenty kilometers in front of the Excalibur.

"Course and speed laid in, and confirmed, sir." His Tony's hands hovered over his console.

"Good. Start plotting us vectors to get away from Earth and manoeuvring in the free please. When we're clear, I want us ready to go." Pressing down on the red call button for Engineering on the Captain's chair, Marcus waited for the response whistle telling him the line was open. "Kravchik to Engineering. Make ready for warp drive if you please. We'll be starting slow and ramping up to warp seven, give the Canada and Montgomery a chance to stretch before the marathon."

Rogers looked back at the captain. "Vectors plotted as well, sir. Excalibur is ready to go, captain."

"Engineering here," Jospehine's voice came back over the comms. "Lieutenant Kahl would like me to report that engines are at your command sir and cleared through to warp eight at your discretion."

"Any outstanding concerns from you Mr Wishmore? We all set to keep Madam President safe and sound, but more importantly my precious engines?"

"Your engines are safe for now," Alex replied, smirking slightly toward Excalibur's Chief Engineer as he did so, "The task group have taken up their positions and look good to get moving."

Having such prestigious guests aboard was of course quite the honor but it had left Wishmore expecting a lot of sleepless nights over the coming nights. The President came with her own security detachment of course and Alex had requested extra personnel from the over vessels in the group but it would still reflect incredibly poorly on everyone should something occur during her stay aboard Excalibur and frankly as far as Alex was concerned, the sooner she was gone from the Constitution class starship the happier he would be.

"Glad to hear," Marcus said as he drummed fingers across the armrest of the chair. "Anyone else feeling a little tense by the way or is it just me?" It likely didn't do for a commanding officer to voice such a concern so openly amongst the crew like that, but Marcus was an Engineer. If something didn't feel right, you spoke up, or so he encouraged at least.

"Okay, right, well, since the Captain and XO and likely below decks entertaining all the functionaries we've taken aboard ship and unlikely to surface any time soon, how about we get this circus on the road?" Markus asked as his first question went unanswered. "Mr Fletcher, signal the task force that Excalibur is departing. Mr Rogers, if you'd be so kind as to take us out, one quarter impulse till we clear Earth Orbital Control's sphere, then you can engage warp drive at your discretion."

"One quarter impulse until we clear the Control sphere, aye sir." Rogers tapped a button, and the Excalibur, on it's progammed course, moved out of orbit. Once the ship moved past the sphere limits, after checking in with the other ships in the task force, he tapped another button and the ship, along with the task force, jumped to warp.


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